GAME-Abling will use two different input devices; a wireless microphone to record patient’s voice
and a webcam to record movement of one or several parts of the patient’s body. The images recorded by the webcam will be processed using computer vision techniques in order to track head, eyes, arms,hands and legs as well as to detect some basic gestures like hand shapes (open hand, closed fist or hand pointer shape) and face gestures (aperture of mouth and opening/closing the eyes). The voice and all these movements and gestures will be translated into user actions that could be used to control the videogames, similar to a joystick or a mouse.

Apart from microphone and webcam, GAME-Abling also will support other type of standard input game controllers such as mouse, keyboard, joystick, wii controller, data gloves, goniometric devices, balance board.
According with the type and severity of disability of patient, caregivers will decide which type of game design and which type of game controller input can be used. Game performance and player feedback will be registered in a database and analyzed by caregivers or therapists to determine the physical fitness improvement.